be your best self while doing your best work.

Welcome to my online home that exists to help you be your best self while doing your best work. We (everyone invested behind-the-scenes) do this because...

We believe you are a great source of good to others [Genesis 12:2] when you write the vision & make it plain [Habakkuk 2:2] and create generational health and wealth [Proverbs 31:10-31].

hey! I'm
hilary griffin

lifestyle podcaster, digital creator,  marketing strategist, hope-dealer, working mama & founder of the social way

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making your way in life starts with the decision to lead in your lane.


through content, services,
in-person experiences & resources We’ll equip you to activate sustainable marketing practices on your social media platforms; Empowering you to serve your community, post quality content with ease, and leave you more creative & connected to your vision than ever before.

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the social way



The Social Way is a service & media company that exists to transform offline businesses into online brands with time-saving social media marketing support.

grateful to have shared my story with:

i'm hilary,
the founder

I'm a digital missionary, self-development advocate, online brand builder, spiritual big sister, creativity encourager, marketing way-finder, hope dealer, small town dreamer, multi-passionate ambassador, husband supporting & girl mama leading - fully devoted follower of Jesus on a mission to use my story + skills for good.

I'm not one thing & neither are you.

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i help support
your dreams

Social Media Strategist
& Your Outsourced CMO
[Chief Marketing Officer]
I found the power behind these tiny screens as the Social Media Coordinator for my church in 2015, it didn't take me very long to start sharing what I knew about online marketing with my friends who had offline businesses... and from that The Social Way was born!

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A small-town Oklahoma mama loving all things bible talk & business strategy who turned a pawn shop camera and iPod into a dream way to work. Now, I'm empowering you with my best tips & faith building encouragement!



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Hilary Griffin